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Smartshine Car Detailing are the UK's leading car detailing and paint protection company. We specialise in paint correction and paint protection services designed to meet the needs of the discerning customers throughout the UK. Smartshine Car Detailing are dedicated to perfection on every vehicle we as our own, we take great care and the attention to detail.

When you book your car with Smartshine Car Detailing all our work is carried out by Harvey who has been in the automotive industry for over 30 years, being an ex-paint sprayer, I have an eye for detail therefore perfection comes naturally and I have a high standard of work, the results are astonishing, transforming the appearance of your vehicle.

Brand new cars will gleam under dealership showroom lights but however to the expert eye there will be many paint defects in the clear coat of the paint, this is mainly due to poor washing techniques carried out by the dealerships valeters. This is where Smartshine car detailing can prepare and protect your vehicle properly therefore our ability to detect and remove swirl marks safely from your paintwork using our paint correction skills. One of our most popular detailing treatments is Gtechniq new car paint protection detail.

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Mobile car detailing and paint protection services in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, and all areas in London.

Smartshine Car Detailing is owned and operated by Harvey Chand. Passion for cars since leaving school at 16, started working as a trainee at his local leading bodyshop, learning about paintwork when only the best will do. Over the years became the top paint sprayer for the bodyshop with a eye for detail.


All Smartshine Car Detailing services start with a luxury car wash, this process is designed to remove dirt and dirt without adding any swirl marks to the paintwork.

We apply a degreaser to the bottom half of the vehicle, especially attention to areas like wheels, sill, arches and door shuts where mostly grease and grit can gather unseen. A gentle pressure wash first and than a pre wash snow foam, rinse and a full wash using 2 buckets and lambs wool wash mitts.

Once car is washed and rinsed, the car is then dried with ultra soft drying towels.

26 - stage luxury wash process using 2 buckets

Snow foam left to dwell for 10 - 15 mins

Wheel arches and door shuts cleaned

Paintwork dried using ultra soft dry towels


The car's paintwork becomes very quickly contaminated by a number of harmful substances, for example iron fillings from brakes, road tar, tree zap and bird droppings. Iron fillings on the car look like rust which is important to remove all contaminants before caring out any paint correction or polishing.

We use special products and very subtle techniques to carry out this work, using a clay bar to remove contaminations from paintwork. Any overspray from body repair will be removed. This treatment will restore the paintwork to a smooth, clean finish, ready for correction, protection and finishing treatments as specified with your chosen service.

Clay bar treatment

On paintwork, glass and wheels

Iron filing removed

Tar removal

Overspray removal


Once the vehicle has had its luxury car wash, it is then bought into our detailing studio where Harvey inspects the paintwork with our lighting. Using a sun gun we can see all the paint defects that you wouldn't normal see under normal natural sunlight. Smartshine Car Detailing encourages clients to come and inspect their car with him under studio conditions and discuss the best treatment to suit your car and budget.

The process begins with attest area section to ascertain which machines, compounds, polishes and pads will achieve the best result, before carrying out the same process to the rest of the car.

Swirls marks and light scratches removed

Scratch removal

Water mark etching

Buffer mark removal


Until you've seen the effect of ceramic glass coating, you won't believe it aesthetic protective properties. Glass coating (also know as ceramic or nano coating) once applied a hard, think coat that adds a intense depth to the paintwork and help to protect it against more aggressive elements, such as swirls, stone chips, bird dripping, far, road grime and iron fillings. Depending on how you look after your car, ceramic glass coatings can endure for up to 5 years or more. Buying a new car soon?, let Smartshine Car Detailing prepare and protect your new car properly!

You can also specify a wax coating protection using a carnauba wax which will last for 6 months which is applied by hand to paintwork for a beautiful high depth gloss to the finish and good protection against lighter contaminant and rain.

Gtechniq ceramic coating

Carbon Collective ceramic coating


Smartshine Car Detailing are the UK'S leading car detailing and paint protection company. We speciale in paint correction and paint protection services designed to meet the needs of the discerning clients throughout the UK. We cover all Beds,Bucks,Cambs,Herts and all areas in London. Smartshine Car Detailing are dedicated to perfection on every vehicle we work on as our own, we take great care, time and attention to detail.

Brand new cars will clean under dealership showroom lights but however to the expert Wye there will be many paint defects in the clear coat of the paint, this is mainly duty to the poor washing techniques carried out by the in house valeters. This is where Smartshine Car Detailing can prepare and protect your vehicle properly therefore our ability to detect and remove all swirl marks safely your paintwork using our paint correction skills. This is one of our most popular detailing treatments is gtechniq new car protection detail.

Car detailing and paint protection in Beds,Bucks,Cambs,Herts and all areas in London

We come to you home or work 7 days a week


If your wheels are in perfect conditions, Harvey can clean, prepare and glass coat them so it's easier for you to keep them prestige in the future.

Especially for expensive wheels, this is important to have wheels protected which will keep your wheels looking new for up to 3 years.

Gtechniq C5 wheel armour

Carbon collective platinum wheels


Smartshine Car Detailing interior detailing services range from a thorough vacuum as we spend most of our time inside out car driving. Build up of dust on car interior, dirt under seats, pedals, roof lining etc and need to be carefully deep cleaned out in order to keep your vehicle interior fresh, healthy and looking as good as new.

Glass and trims are cleaned, polished and protected. Upholstery and carpets are hot steam cleaned to remove ingrained grime, odours, bacteria and dye from clothing. Harvey can also apply protective coating to leather to keep it looking loved for miles.

Thorough Vacuum and interior detail

Interior steam cleaning

Intensive interior detail


Smartshine Car Detailing not only adds a protection layer to your windscreen and Windows. It greatly improves visibility too. This is especially important when driving in wet conditions. When a smeared windscreen can severely hamper your driving ability to see clear and safely ahead.

The hydrophobic ( water repellent coating) properties of glass treatment products are such that, at speeds above 30 mph, rain landing on your windscreen will bead together and flu off without the use of your wipers. This treatment is spectacular and makes driving in adverse weather condition much safer.

Smartshine Car Detailing glass protection is a durable as it is long lasting up to 2 years or around 24,000 miles.

Gtechniq glass treatment

Carbon collective glass treatment


Having your car detailed, at the same time your engine bay is also important to be cleaned. As engine bay areas are exposed to the elements, they can become very dirty from general road grime and over the winter road salt.

We use a safe de - greaser, agitate with various detailing brushes, dress all plastics and rubbers in non slick products. The engine bay will be transformed back to its naturally dressed new state.

Engine bay detail from £150


Why you should use Smartshine Car Detailing to remove your vinyl graphics off your vehicle. You may not at realise the complications involved with removing vinyls. There are many factory's with complicate the process. How long the vinyl have been attached to the paintwork. The longer vinyl has been in place, the harder it is to remove and the more damage you may cause to the paint around and underneath the vinyl.

Long term UV expose eventually bakes all the plasticisers out of the face film, making it harder to remove the graphics.Using incorrect tools can damage your paint so severely that you require a partial or total body repair, the cost of which far exceed the small cost of professional vinyl removal.In most case once the sign writing / graphics has been removed, adhesive residue, glue is left on the paintwork. Also ghosting of letters, numbers and logo's can be left behind on the paintwork, this is where the UV from the sun has baked on and stained the paintwork.

Smartshine Car Detailing can safely remove all sign writing. graphics, wraps and vinyl. Whether it be for a vehicle that is to vela old or new graphics which are to be applied. We offer a additional service to remove all adhesive residue and glue and cater for the removal of the ghosting of letters.

Vehicle wraps removal

Graphics removal

Sign writing removal

Vinyl removal


This image above showing 50 / 50 of the left half door been machine polish and right side has many swirl marks. What a massive difference a machine polishing / paint correction process can totally improve your car's paintwork appearance.

Here's the improvement from a paint correction machine polish, as you can easily tell, there's a huge improvement in colour and swirl marks. I would rate this at 95 / 100 % perfect as most or all swirl marks are safely been removed and paintwork has been improved from a dull, greyish colour to a deep gloss black again.

Smartshine Car Detailing for this type of machine polishing, one should also have a few pad and polish combinations handy so as a try and get much correction as possible for a high depth gloss finish. Once we have finished machine polished the paintwork we recommend having ceramic coatings to be applied to your paintwork to prevent future swirl marks with very low maintenance. Call us today for more information.

Restore back your paintwork

Machine polishing

Paint correction

We can take car of your pride and joy


Once you've had your car professional car detailed by Smartshine Car Detailing you'll no doubt want to keep it in pristine condition and maintain the protective coatings we have have applied.

This detail is to main your vehicles to a high standard, using the best techniques and premium car care products used.

Designed as a entry level package for our regular customers to keep their vehicles looking their best all year round.

Entry level package

Luxury supercar wash

Perfect finish all year round

Premium car care products used

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